It truly is the most moving, wonderful gift I've ever received. I haven't felt so loved ever in my life. What a transforming experience!!!
Greg Bracken; Denver, CO

To say it was the hit of the wedding was an understatement. People passed the book around, laughed, were moved and generally got to know a lot more about the bride and groom than they ever would have normally. I can't recommend this gift enough. If you love somebody and want them to know it, this is the gift to give. If you want to give a gift that will be remembered, this is the gift to give.
Lorne Cameron; Los Angeles, CA
It's the most wonderful gift I've ever received - so personal and much better than any material gift I've ever gotten. It's a gift from the heart!
Sue Kayne; San Diego, CA
This book made me feel loved as no other gift could. I think this is because the book is not a simple object, but rather a compendium of the devotion, affection, humor, and love of so many friends, expressed in words and pictures, and - importantly-bound up together as a beautiful volume.
Marc Mihaly; San Francisco, CA
It showed us how much our friends and family support us in our new life together. It's not only a memorable and personalized gift, but a wonderful keepsake that we treasure. We enjoy reading it over and over again.
Siobhan Neilland; San Francisco, CA
I've been lucky enough to have both given and received personalized Mad Moon books, and I can say with total confidence that these are the best gifts I know of. (continued)
To receive a Mad Moon book is to feel uniquely known and loved - something we each wish for, but rarely experience. To give one is to have the opportunity to express to someone you care about how important and special they are to you. In either case, have the tissues handy - these gifts are powerful stuff!
Thea Sullivan; San Francisco, CA
Amy has read her Mad Moon book dozens of times. And she still gets teary-eyed when she reads it. Thanks for creating the best gift she's ever gotten!
Tom Dugan; Los Angeles, CA
Sandra and I were totally touched, overwhelmed and blissed out by the wedding book you put together. It was so beautifully presented and appropriate to our state of heart and mind. A million thanks for translating all of our friends' love and support into such an awesome tribute.
Andre Boissier; Los Angeles, CA
The book is absolutely beautiful and Brian loves it!!!!! People can't get over how amazing the book is. I can't thank you enough.
Amy Meltzer; New York City, NY
Thank you! Thank you for all of your hard work pulling the book together! Jon could not believe that so many people would have so many nice things to say about him. Now he is no longer depressed about turning 40! This has got to be the most fun and precious gift I've ever given anyone!
Christine Herran; San Mateo, CA
I really enjoyed the collaboration! Mark loved the book and he made everyone at the party read aloud what they wrote. It was wonderful!
Christy Taylor; San Anselmo, CA
The book was a total success! Barbara was shocked and surprised at the grandness of it. She just kept saying 3wow!2 over and over!
Deborah Hungerford; San Francisco, CA
Thanks for doing such a great job on Mark's book! It's so close to what I had in mind, it's amazing. I can't wait to spread the word about your great work!
Katy Gurley; San Mateo, CA
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the hard work you put into Jen's shower book. Everyone loved it. But best of all, it was Jen's favorite gift!!!
Anna Jacobs; Absecon, NJ

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