Celebration Books–

A one-of-a-kind, customized book full of photographs and stories from 5 to 30 of someone's closest friends and family.

5 participants: $275
10 participants: $425
20 participants: $725
30 participants: $1025


  • Sending questionnaires (four questions) to the recipient's friends and family.
  • Sending two sets of reminder/follow-up calls to questionnaire recipients.
  • Organizing, formatting and proofreading text –all responses included.
  • Scanning or uploading up to four photos per person.
  • Designing, printing and binding 15 to 100 pages depending on number of participants and amount of text/photos.
  • Providing your choice out of 20 beautiful handmade hardcover styles.

Pricing for these books depends upon the number of people who participate in the book. For more information and pricing, please call (877) 862-1806 or email us at celebrate@madmoon.com
Do-it-Yourself Guest Book–$95

Price includes:
  • Title page with place for couple's photo.
  • Seven opening pages with spaces for the couple to tell how they met, what they love best about each other, their proposal story, etc.
  • Three pages on which the parents and Best Man/Maid of Honor can write.
  • 50 guest book pages: Your choice of lined guest pages headed "Thoughts and Wishes from Friends and Family" or guest pages with spaces for Polaroid® photos and signatures thoughts.
  • Your choice out of 20 beautiful handmade hardcover styles.
  • Gold and silver keepsake box: $10 (Free with orders over $125)
  • Additional photos/art scanned: $10 each
  • Set of 50 guest pages for books/kit: $20
  • Copies of the finished book:
  •    Please inquire about prices

We're happy to work with you to create a unique Celebration Book for any occasion ... if you don't see what you're looking for listed here, ask us about other possibilities!

Please email or call (877-862-1806) if you would like additional information.
Please email or call (877-862-1806) for more information or to order.