Celebration Books

Our customized Celebration Books offer a simple way to give a one-of-a-kind tribute book full of stories, wishes, and photographs from someone's close friends and family.

All you do is gather the emails for the people you want to be included in the book — we do all the rest!

We'll send questionnaires to the participants you choose, asking them to respond to questions such as "what do you love best about this person" or "what is your favorite story about this person?" Friends and family also contribute photographs or artwork for the book.

Once we receive all of the responses and photos, we design customized pages (books average about 30-80 pages) that are bound into a hardcover book.

We charge per participant. Please see pricing sheet for more details.

To see sample pages from the books, go to any of the celebration pages.

  • Sending questionnaires to the participants.
  • Eliciting responses to four evocative questions.
  • Placing 2 sets of reminder/followup emails to questionnaire recipients.
  • Entering, organizing, and proofreading text
  • Scanning photos to capture visual memories.
  • Designing and printing 25+ pages.
  • Providing your choice of one of twenty distinctive and beautiful cover styles.

Please email or call (877-862-1806) for more information or to order.